The X Files

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X Files 2

Season 10 of The New X Files. Episode 2:

This is the X Files at it’s best. A classic case for the FBI duo Mulder and Scully go to a high-tech genetics company because a scientists names Sonny committed suicide by pushing a steel rod into his own skull.

During the episode Mulder hears the same high-voltage noise that Sonny heard. What makes this an X Files? Only Mulder can hear it.

I liked this episode because in this one, Mulder and Scully think about the son that Scully had to give up for adoption 15 years ago. They both think about what ‘could have been’ There is a reason why they think about their son but I will not give away spoilers.

The good thing is, both Mulder and Scully are back in their “uniforms” as in Mulder in his suit and Scully in suit pants, they have their badges now and back with working with Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Mulder doesn’t trust him. Somethings never change 🙂

The X Files is truly back and in top form.

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