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As much as I love books I do love watching TV and films. I do have a few favourite programs that I will not miss, and I still tape on Sky so I can watch them over the week until the next episode.

Program up for discussion is the launch of The X-Files.  X FIles

During the time of The X-Files there have been some funny episodes, scary episodes and not forgetting the underground story of the whole of The X-Files. (Anyone want to listen to the song by Catatonia Mulder and Scully?)

Moulder was always the believer and Scully was the sceptical one trying to debunk all of Moulder’s work. Scully was abducted and we know she had a baby. Moulder disappeared and she got another partner but this time round Scully became the believer. She found out she was pregnant with Moulder’s baby and she had a son, she gave the baby up for adoption for the baby’s safety. Fox Moulder and Dana Scully went on the run. The X-Files closed down.

Now it’s 14 years later, Dana Scully and Fox Moulder are not together any more but you can tell they still love each other and care about one another. The launch of The X-Files started on February 8th 2016, the government still denying the existence of Alien Terrestrial but we know they exist and have been here before. So how does the episode end? With the re-opening of The X-Files by Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Much to the upset of C.S.M. (Cigarette Smocking Man)

If anything The X-Files has taught us and it was established in last nights episode and that is: Trust no one

The music was the same, the beginning was the same, but Skinner was at the beginning and he never used to be so that was different. My opinion is: I loved it. I thought it was brilliant, I loved that they kept everything the same. I even fancy Moulder again.

X Files 1

It wouldn’t be The X-Files if the music was different ‘The Truth Is Out There’ was the same and lets face it when an episode of The X-Files comes on and the, ‘The Truth Is Out There’ message is different we all shout ‘Oh My God’ at the TV because we know it’s going to be one of those episodes don’t we?

I still want to believe

I loved the first episode of this new series and next week they are back in their black suits, trouser pants that we all know and love and lets see what else the best two FBI X-files duo will bring us. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

Criminal mindsCriminal Minds is coming back this month after a mid-season break and from what I can tell an existing member will be leaving for a short while but then come back again and out very own DR Reid is directing that episode.

   Other programs that I watch are NCIS, NCIS: Los Angles, Castle, Hawaii 5.0, Rizzoli & Isles, Dr Who.

I do love a little car crash TV so yes I do indulge in reality TV. Hell’s Kitchen, The X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, if there is nothing else on my daughter watches The Kardashian (I only watch it when forced) Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice (Lord Sugar), The Apprentice you’re Fired.

It may seem a lot but these programs are not on all the time and I don’t watch any soap’s because I don’t like them. I don’t watch game shows unless my dad is in the living room and he has on QI which I must admit I like watching.

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