MAY 1st 2016

Lilly Heart



May bank holiday. Kids are off school and most people are off work. Since Friday I have been babysitting for my brother in-law. One nephew and two nieces.

When I picked them up from school we had a lazy afternoon, watching TV, then dinner and bed. Okay,I let them stay up 1/2 later then usual. Saturday, they played at the park then I took them to see ‘Zootropolis’ not only did the kids love it, I thought the film was great, definitely a 5* film for a cartoon. Brilliant, you must go and see, you won’t be disappointed and the kids will love.

Then I took them to pizza hut. When we got home they zonked out. Today did a little shopping, the kids played at the park.

Tomorrow, May 1st just having a relaxing day until my brother in-law gets home. That’s my day planned. Whatever your day maybe, have a great day.






Mystery and Suspence





yong Adult 1






Erotica 2










Supernatural 2

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