about meLilly Heart

My name is Lilly Heart and I am a book blogger and review. I have had my website for a few years but, in January 2016 I decided that my website needed a makeover, it was in desperate need. So, This is my new website makeover.

In April/May 2015 I became a self-employed writer. I have 5 short stories out on Amazon and I am writing my first novel, which I am hoping will be completed in the next few weeks. Since becoming a writer, something I have always wanted to do, I like going on writing holiday’s. I have only been on one so far but in a few weeks I will going again.

I like reading all sorts of books and if any author’s would like a review just fill in the form on the Home page and I will get in contact. I also review other products so if anyone wants me to review a product just fill in the form on the Home page, I answer all emails, it may be a few days but I will get to you.

Happy reading everyone 😉



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