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Mr free speech* * * *

I received this book for an honest review.
This is a 28-page book.
This is a story about a married couple who want to share their relationship with the world. It is alternate points of view and each sharing the love they have for each other.

When I first read the book I was a little confused and after reading the book a few times I think I understand.
The two authors of the book Andrew Bushard and Miss Anita Sarkeesian are the main characters in the book so to me it’s like loosely based on these two people with a little bit fiction mixed in.
I sort of see what the authors were trying to do and I respect them for trying something new and something that has not been done before. I liked the alternate POV’s because it shows both sides of the marriage that they have.
When I first read the book I was a little unsure of what to think but I gave myself sometime before I wrote my review and another chance to read the book.
I found the book funny in certain places and you see why Mr Free Speech is Free speech. He has his own opinions and he is not afraid to share them. His wife agrees with everything he says and loves him for it.
The reason I gave this book 4 stars is because I like that something new was done, but I felt Anita Sarkeesian fell a little flat for me. Yes, the sex is hot and yes she loves her husband and although it was nice to read something were the two main characters didn’t break up but, that doesn’t mean the marriage couple agree all the time and that there are no arguments, because let’s face it there is nothing like good makeup sex.